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Dairy & Poultry Expo is a unique platform to display, developments and thinking for the improvement of the industry and also attracts bighearted trading and investment opportunities. This event is a wide opportunity with valuable information about Dairy & poultry, Fisheries, Livestock industry, feed equipments, technology, breeders, Egg farming, poultry nutrition, animal health and international poultry production. It also offers latest advances in poultry research, science and technology like cage and feed milling importance. It also offers superior knowledge and understanding of poultry industry via technical forums, trainings and job opportunities in the Poultry Industry. The main aim of this Exhibition is to help you to keep side by side of the latest developments and practice in the Dairy & poultry, Fisheries, Livestock, management, poultry health & nutrition, poultry breeding and new techniques in feed manufacturing, poultry production & processing.


Livestock Industry Covers, Dairy, Poultry, Aquaculture, Wool and Meat Industry under itself. Livestock population in Bangladesh is currently estimated to comprise 25.7 million cattle, 0.83 million buffaloes, 14.8 million goats, 1.9 million sheep, 118.7 million chicken and 34.1 million ducks. People of Bangladesh (153.6 + million) should have 250ml of milk every day, and then the annual national milk demand will be 14.02 million tons (DLS 2013-14). However, at present the country is producing only 6.09 million tons of milk which is only 43.5% of the milk demand in Bangladesh (DLS 2013-14). To fulfill the extra demand, Bangladesh imports a huge amount of powder milk and dairy products. In Bangladesh, cattle, buffalo and goat are considered as dairy animals. Out of total milk production, about 90% is coming from cattle, 8% from goat and the remaining 2% from buffalo (BBS 2012). Commercial poultry industry is growing rapidly in Bangladesh. Estimate shows that poultry population is increasing at the rate of 6.5% + per year in the country. According to a 2006 census completed by the Department of Livestock Services (DLS) and the Poultry Sector Development Project (PSDP), there are approximately 38000+ commercial poultry farms housing 124,10,000 + layers and 107,84,5000+ broilers in Bangladesh. So Dairy & Poultry Exhibition is the platform where you will get the opportunity to do business.